Difference Between the Main Roulette Variations

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For some, roulette may appear to be pure luck, however, your decisions are always key in order to amplify your chances of winning and the first step to a better decision is always knowledge. There are certain roulette variations in existence today, however, there are two kinds at the top that has birthed the other variations available today. Knowing them like the back of your hand will give you an idea of what bets are better and what strategy you can apply in order to sway the odds even just by a little bit to your side.

The two main roulette variations are the American and the European versions. The names may be familiar to you and though visually, they look exactly the same, you’ll be able to spot a difference or two with them if you just observed more keenly. Those keys will help you know the games better, and may even contribute to your successful bets.

The most common variation available and offered by both brick-and-mortar and web-based establishment is the American Version. Once you look at the American Version Roulettes, you’ll certainly see the double-zero section which is apparently not present on the European version. This may not be much of a difference visually, but it definitely produces significant change in the game’s system. When balls fall on the double-zero, only those bets that are placed on it will be honored, which means that you’ll have a 35-1 odd in this game.

Many players love the European version because of the fact that the establishment’s advantage on this game is only 2.63% compared to the common 5.26%. Such number is already enough to create huge difference in your winning chances. Visually, the game is missing the double-zero and only presents a single one, but this change is exactly what gave it a huge advantage compared to the previous version. Fortunately, European versions are spread out across the net which is surely an excellent news for bettors all throughout the globe.