How to Play European Roulette

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Canadian gamblers who want to learn to play European roulette will find that the prospect isn’t really all that difficult – even for beginners. There are free versions of the game from Microgaming that individuals can utilize until they feel familiar enough to move on to real money titles. Getting started is simple enough, and players need to understand the wheel, the odds, and the different bets that are available in order to be successful.

First and foremost, the European wheel has 37 pockets as opposed to the 38 found on the American variant. This may seem like a negligible difference, but it’s actually a pretty big help. The removal of the double zero pocket that is found on the American wheel actually helps to cut the house’s edge in half when people choose to play European roulette, from a whopping 5.2% down to about 2.7%. This means that individuals are much likely to win more, especially when betting for even money.

There are literally dozens of bets that can be placed, and they can be made in any combination that an individual sees fit. An even money bet has the best odds of winning, though, and these are wagers on even or odd, red or black, and high or low numbers. Conversely, the straight bet has the worst odds of winning at one in 36 and is requires taking a wild guess at which number will come up when the wheel is spun. Despite the low chances for the individual, payouts are wonderful at 36:1. Thus, it is possible for a single $5 wager to earn a player $180. There are other wagers, too, including the Line, Square, and Street bets that are popular among roulette aficionados.

To get started with the online variant, the user will need to first navigate to the game page and choose whether to play for free or for real money. Then, after choosing a chip denomination, he or she will then proceed to click the space on the virtual table representing the wager he or she wishes to place. This can continue until the user is satisfied with all of his or her choices. After clicking the ‘Spin’ button, the wheel is spun and the ball is dropped, and users are paid out according to where the ball lands and the wagers that were placed. This is always a game of luck, so it’s best to place even money bets for a better chance of winning.