Finding And Using EU Casino Free-Play Roulette Games

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If you’re a Canadian player interested in finding some EU Casino free-play roulette games, then you’re in luck. This establishment offers five different options that can all be previewed without any real money deposit necessary. However, because this site does not support Flash or Java, you’ll need to download and install the software package to get started. Of course, this takes only a few minutes with a broadband internet connection and the software itself is safe and virus-free. The five versions you’ll find available for free within the package include American, European, French, and the American and European ‘machine’ choices.

The American and European variants are by far the most popular when it comes to not only EU Casino free-play roulette games, but also at other sites. The former is typically avoided by avid gamblers as it presents some pretty horrible odds when compared to the others, but it is still a favorite among many and that is why this establishment continues to offer it as part of its package. It features the numbers 1-36, a 0, and a 00 (double zero) that increases the chance you’ll lose on any given spin. The latter version also has the numbers 1-36, but it has only a single zero and this actually works to improve the odds. The ways in which the wheel is laid out are different for each option, too, but this does little to affect the overall chances of winning.

The French style is much like European only the numbers 1-36 appear in a different pattern on the wheel itself. Two additional rules have been added here: La Partage and En Prison. With the La Partage rule, you’ll only lose half of your stake if a zero spins up provided that you’ve placed an even-money wager on red or black, even or odd, or high or low. On the same note, En Prison is a slight variation on that rule in which you’ll have an opportunity to recover your entire wager if a zero spins up. Your original stake will be held and you’ll be able to place a new stake on an even-money option. Then, if you win that spin, you’ll get back your stake for the first. However, if you lose, you’ll lose both stakes. This provides a good opportunity for people to reduce the amount they lose, but it doesn’t do much to improve the overall odds of winning.

Finally, the last two EU Casino free-play roulette games to mention are the ‘machine’ options linked to the American and European versions. None of the rules change here in either case; the only difference is that rather than an actual wheel and croupier being represented on the screen, you’ll see a wheel encompassed by what appears to be a bubble. This is an accurate representation of the machines that are used in some land-based casinos to appeal to those who want to enjoy a few spins without having to deal with the croupier. All you do is place your wager and wait for the results.